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VE Day 75th Anniversary resources

On Friday 8th May, we will be celebrating 75 years since the official end of World War 2.  Victory in Europe was celebrated by people up and down the country with street parties and Union Jack bunting could be seen everywhere.  There were many events planned to mark this special anniversary but unfortunately, due to current circumstances, these events have had to be cancelled.  

We still think it is important to remember this key event in our history and have put together some resources that you may wish to use with your child / children next week.  There is a range of activities that could be done and we have organised them into KS1, KS2 and general folders below.  If you do complete any of the activities and commemorate the day in any way, please send us pictures so that we can add them to our VE anniversary gallery on the website!

 Home - VE Day 75

On Friday, you can watch a special free online show on YouTube geared towards children and young people.  It aims to help them understand the momentous events that led up to that historic victory as six years of war finally came to end. The running time will be around 30 minutes.  More details can be found by clicking the image below.

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 KS1 resources

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KS2 resources


General resources and ideas for VE Day

Link to British Legion website with ideas:

Link to very nice KS1 and KS2 Videos and other resources  

Link to Winston Churchill 

BBC Teach History  VE day explained KS2 

Link to the Official VE Day site 

Marking VE Day in the Wider Curriculum: 

Art and Design 

 - pattern and colour work using the colours of the Union Jack to create bunting for a street party 

- line and shading work to draw the local memorial (use a photograph if you can't visit) and try and capture the shadow and light. 

 - compare the music of the time to modern music and identify similarities and differences between them. 
- learn to sing one of the songs and think about the meaning and the tone it should be sung with. 

 - watch the video of VE day in London and consider or list why people were celebrating and why it's important that we remember it today. 

Design Technology 

- Plan what you would serve for a street party to mark the end the war in Europe. To add additional challenge, learn about  rationing and limit the food available to be used during the party. 

Bunting to colour

Create your own bunting