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Incentives and Rewards

We celebrate the work and effort from pupils in a range of different ways


Pupils are given merit points for good work or achievements in the class. These lead to certificates at different levels: Bronze - 10 points, Silver – 20, Gold - 30 points.

Learner of the week

Each week teachers nominate pupils for ‘Learner of the Week’. These certificates are given out during the Church Service on Friday mornings and parents are encouraged to join us. Their achievements are then reported in our Friday Flyer each week.

Vocabulary ninja

At our Friday assembly, we also present a ‘vocabulary’ ninja award to the child using exceptional vocabulary that week.

Headteacher praise

Staff are encouraged to send pupils to Mrs Douch for particularly good work, achievement or effort. Mrs Douch is always delighted to see pupils’ achievements both from school and home.

Home achievements

We believe that education is a partnership between home and school. We encourage children to share their out of school achievements with us at school. We have a home achievement notice board in school and we actively encourage children to bring in photos, work, or any record of achievements from home.