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Friends of St Giles

The Friends of St Giles School is our Parent Teacher Association, a voluntary committee which runs fundraising events and activities throughout the school year .

Our aims are to raise money, which is then used to make purchases the school couldn’t otherwise afford, to pay for enriching experiences for the pupils, and to enhance the school community through organising childrens', family and social events.

We work closely with the school to identify needs and plan our events and targets accordingly,
making sure we spend the money raised wisely and in the most effective way possible.

Each year, we organise the school's Christmas and May Fairs which are extremely popular and important dates for everyone living in Horsted Keynes! We also run an evening quiz night for parents and friends of the school, film nights and discos for the pupils, provide refreshments and entertainment at school events such as sports day and shows, as well as various other activities and events throughout the year. 

The committee is currently co-chaired by Katy Johnson and Kelly Nash, with another 11 members
in roles including treasurer, secretary and class rep liaison.

If you are interested in joining the committee or helping out at an event, please don’t hesitate to email us at You can also follow our Facebook page to find out details of all upcoming events.