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Home School Agreement 2015-16




Working in Partnership

At St Giles, we believe that children will learn best if parents know, understand and are in broad agreement with the aims of the school.

Working together with parents and in keeping with the school’s Christian ethos, we want to help your child to develop a sense of responsibility towards him or herself, towards others and towards the community to which we belong.


The School will:


The Family will:

  • Enrich your child’s moral and spiritual understanding in accordance with the Christian faith and for the benefit of their social and emotional development


  • Encourage high standards of positive behaviour and respect for all


  • Care for your child’s safety, well-being and happiness


  • Provide a broad, balanced and creative curriculum which is relevant to our multicultural society


  • Communicate with parents about school policies, the curriculum, your child’s targets, progress, achievement, behaviour and homework tasks


  • Provide regular meetings, welcoming open discussion with parents to discuss your child’s academic progress


  • Communicate problems experienced by your child in school and work with you to resolve them


  • Encourage and support your child always to do his / her best


  • Support the school’s Christian ethos


  • Support the school’s aspirations to promote high standards of positive behaviour and respect for all


  • Ensure your child arrives at school on time (8.55am) and is collected on time (3.15pm) and is dressed appropriately


  • Ensure your child attends regularly and call the School Office on each day of absence, to provide an explanation


  • Inform the school of any changes of contact details


  • Advise the school, as soon as possible, of any external circumstances that might affect the welfare, behaviour and progress of your child


  • Contact the school with any concerns about your child’s progress and wellbeing in school


  • Meet with your child’s teacher to discuss progress during the year


  • Encourage and support your child’s efforts with homework and other tasks that are set by the school



This agreement is to help school and parents to work together to support your child’s education and to help him / her to achieve the best they can,

both in their learning and their personal development.

                                                                                                                                                                                            Updated November 2015

(Further information about whom to contact and when, can be found in our Communications Policy.)