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Teaching Approaches

At St Giles, we want every child to reach their potential and we work hard to support each individual child to achieve their best within a Christian enviornment.

The teaching of the skills and knowledge prescribed by the National Curriculum are delivered both discretely and creatively through a range of topics, designed to engage and enrich the children’s experiences.

We work hard to make learning interesting and engaging. This means we may plan ‘stunning starts’ to launch a topic, hold a themed day to engage pupils, or invite a theatre group in to bring a topic alive. In addition, each class has two educational trips per year.

We also plan Enrichment Weeks where the children are offered a range of activities linked to a specific area of the curriculum. We recently held a science week, an arts week, and a sports week.

All teaching is well planned and work differentiated to suit pupils’ varying needs and abilities. Pupils with Special Educational Needs are fully included in lessons however they may also receive additional teaching to support learning in particular areas.