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In Oak Class (reception) pupils are taught using the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

Phonics is taught using the ‘Jolly Phonics’ scheme in Reception and ‘Letters and Sounds’ at KS1. Once pupils have learned the basic sounds and can blend sounds to read simple words they are given graded reading books to practise their skills. These are drawn from several schemes and publishers, thus ensuring children read widely and enjoy their reading. This is supplemented with a rich diet of quality children's books.

From Year One onwards, pupils are taught the subjects covered by the National Curriculum 2014

These are: English, mathematics, science, history, geography, physical education, art, music, technology and computing and french at KS2.

We use the ‘White Rose’ maths scheme and the 'Write Stuff' approach for writing across the school. 

We are a Church of England School and have strong links with St Giles Church. RE is a core subject. We teach Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism through an enquiry based approach, this encourages children to reflect and consider their own and others beliefs. The seasons and Church calendar are celebrated through our school events such as Harvest Festival, Easter and Christmas, and during our weekly collective worship. 

We work hard to ensure pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum. We are fortunate to have specialist PE, music and language teachers working within the school, this means every child has specialist teaching in these subjects. In addition we organise a range of visits, visitors and enrichment activities.

Sport is a strength of the school. We employ a sports coach to ensure each child has specialist teaching every week. Pupils take part in a wide range of sporting events and competitions and we provide a choice of extra-curricular clubs. 

Parents are sent an outline of the curriculum coverage at the beginning of each term in the form of a topic web. This gives parents the opportunity to support their child’s learning. You can see current topic webs on the individual class pages of this website. 

All pupils are set age appropriate homework. From Year 2 upwards, this is made up of regular activities such as reading, maths and learning spellings. In addition, each term the teachers produce a grid giving a selection of additional tasks, pupils have a choice as to which they complete. Links to homework grids can be found on the class pages. 

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